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Management, Eléctricité de Jbeil


I am pleased to welcome you to Eléctricité de Jbeil (EDJ) web-site. This site represents our ongoing commitment to our clients, business partners, suppliers and other associates to provide an effective, convenient, comprehensive and accessible means of communicating product, service, employment, financial, organizational, event, and other newsworthy information about the company.

As a public utility firm, EDJ is committed to growth by strategically leveraging existing business areas, partnering with local as well as global leaders on high-priority programs. At EDJ, our resources are focused on innovation, quality, cost-effectiveness, fast service, high maintenance and superior value for our customers. The company's record performance over the past 60 years is the result of our responsive employees who are dedicated to the highest ethical and quality standards, our targeted strategies and a team commitment for expansion. Our plans for the future include aggressive actions to serve the maximum number of citizens in the Jbeil area and to expand locally and abroad. Our market reach, further penetrate the technologies and public marketplaces, identify suitable acquisition candidates, and continue to improve operations.

This site will be a continuing work in progress and, as such, frequently will be updated to keep the contents current and meaningful to visitors. Please accept my invitation to re-visit the site from time to time to learn more about what we do, how we are implementing new technology, and how we are growing.