Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy

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Natural skin irritation re¬tseptorov has voz¬deystvie reflex and muscle activity siste¬my, internal organs and central nervous system.

Ultraviolet radiation (UVR). Voz¬deystvuya on the surface layer of the skin, ultraviolet irradiation causes local, segmental and general re¬aktsii body. This increases so¬derzhanie tissue bioactive ve¬schestv increases synthesis in the body vitami¬na D and improves calcium absorption in bone tissue and phosphorus are activated fermen¬tativnye reaction varies pronitsae¬most cell membranes and capillary circulation usi¬livaetsya and nutrition of tissues in general, normal activity of the nervous system.

Ultraviolet rays stimulate the body's za¬schitnye and have bole¬utolyayuschee action.

Under natural conditions, a beautiful oz¬dorovitelny effect is the use of solar-air baths. They must begin with prini¬mat 2-3 minutes alternately on the front and rear surface of the body, uve¬lichivaya exposure time every day for 2-3 minutes.

In the autumn-winter and early spring use artificial sources of radiation ultra¬fioletovogo. This compensates for having a place at this time of year "light go¬lodanie" and provides wellness, tonic effect on the body. Nekoto¬rye ultrafi¬oletovymi gyms are equipped with facilities for long-term exposure pro¬filakticheskogo engaged during training sessions, izluchayuschi¬mi relatively long wavelength ultrafi oletovye-rays (in the 320-380 nm range). Vyra¬zhenny positive effect observed at steroids and testosterone3-4 months of the application of such vozdey¬stvy.

In sports practice increasingly using short-term exposure to ultraviolet mobile or stationary irradiators. The exposure time gradually increased to 1 minute for 15-30 days beginning one minute.

Aeroionization. Aeroions - is bearing positive and negative charges of the particles of air. Under vliyani¬em solar radiation, cosmic izlu¬cheniya, electrical atmospheric protses¬sov et al. natural testosterone replacement therapy Factors are formed relatively light ions of oxygen. The purer and prozrach¬nee the air, the more light it otritsa¬telnyh oxygen ions. Such ions osoben¬no much in the air in the morning on mor¬skom coast, waterfalls, mountain rivers, le¬su. Their concentration reaches 1000-5000 per 1 cc of air. In the atmosphere of the big cities and in a residential area of oxygen ions is reduced to 400-600 cc

Contacting the surface dyhatel¬nyh ways and nude human skin, ionized oxygen stimulates fi¬ziologicheskie processes in the body.

Under the influence of air ionization normalizu¬etsya sleep, improves appetite and general samo¬chuvstvie, lowered blood pressure, heart rate and respiration, increased aktiv¬nost redox pro¬tsessov in the body. Aeroionization okazyva¬et a positive effect on the function kro¬vetvoreniya and contributes to the destruction of pathogenic microorganisms in the air.

The greatest effect aeroionization pri¬nosit in the autumn-winter and early spring during workouts in gyms. The procedure is performed daily for 5-30 mi¬nut for 10-30 days. After a break of 3-4 weeks aeroionization course may be repeated.

Room for aeroionization obyaza¬telno must be isolated, to have good ventilation and temperature not below + 15 ° C. For the procedures used aeroionizers different types and modifi¬katsy industrial production.

The effect of temperature procedures obuslov¬len their irritating effect on the skin and thermoreceptors reflex influence on the functional state of the organism.

Kholodov application delay raz¬vitie acute inflammatory processes. rich piana age 15 In case of brief exposure they usili¬vayut, and at long - reduce the excitability of peripheral and central nervous system, increases metabolism pro¬tsessy in the body, lower the heart rate. The response to cold stimuli is manifested not only locally, but extends to the whole body. Regular use of cold treatments increasing intensity oka¬zyvaet Train ter¬moregulyatsii impact on the system, the body hardens.

Cold exposure used in trauma, painful place cooling water, snow, ice or chloroethyl, warning that the development of hematoma. steroids post cycle therapy Applications of ice applied to the abdomen and the perineum to prevent fatigue.

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy

A pronounced therapeutic effect providing consistent application of cold and go¬ryachih baths with injuries and pain in the limbs and ligaments mysh¬tsah, especially O-Achille tendon. In the morning, usually 5-10 minutes, take a cold bath at boleznen¬noe place, and in the evening, for 15-20 minutes -Hot.

Under the influence of thermal procedures po¬vyshaetsya blood and body temperature, usiliva¬etsya blood flow, increases the heart rate and depth of breathing, changes in blood pressure, increased potoob-education. Heat acts boleutolyayusche and antispasmodic, causing muscle relaxation and changing the sensitivity organiz¬ma. Heat treatments are used as a elektrosvetoprotsedur, water treatments, baths, etc..

Steam bath in USA is the most common and traditional disaster recovery and sredst¬vom oz¬dorovleniya body. In recent years, shi¬roko used and dry air bath-sau¬na. The main difference between them zaklyucha¬etsya in temperature and humidity. The steam bath temperature of 40-60 C at a relative humidity of 80% and a dry air bath - temperature reaches 90-120 ° C at a humidity of less than 15%. what is testosterone replacement therapy In practice spor¬tivnoy sauna is used most often. It is recommended to speed up the Sun-stanovitelnyh processes, muscle relaxation, relief of tension and feelings usta¬losti. After the sauna improves mood, appears cheerful and calm, snizhaet¬sya fatigue.

Typically, they use the sauna after treniro¬vochnyh classes, although some authors reko¬menduyut short stay in the sauna for warming up before training the muscles and ligaments. If the next day after a bath scheduled training session, the koli¬chestvo visits to the steam room is not recommended more than 2-3 times. If you plan to vacation, the number of visits to the steam room is increased to 5-6 times. To enhance the impact of bath ras¬kalennye stones poured hot water. Thus there is a rapid formation pa¬ra. Physiological tolerability boundary in this case is achieved when a vapor pressure of 47.1 mm. Hg. testosterone replacement therapy near me Art. and a relative humidity of 16.3% (at 75 ° C). Exceeding these parameters causes the steam to condense on na¬chinaet body surface and cause a burning sensation and discomfort.

The rational is considered a pa¬reniya mode when the first call lasts about 5 minutes, a second run is the longest - up to 8-10 minutes, and all subsequent zaho¬dy reduced by 1-2 minutes. Prodolzhi¬telnost rest between calls in a steam room is determined individually until feeling ready to continue protsedu¬ry. Immediately after leaving the cooling steam is advisable to take gidroprotse¬dury: Cold or douches, holod¬nuyu font, etc.

When using the bath must be kon¬trolirovat your weight - his loss should not exceed 500-800 grams per visit. The security tse¬lyah not recommended to be in the same bath as in the steam room are possible heat stroke, steroids and anxiety fainting, loss of consciousness.

Before visiting the baths, for vosstanovle¬niya water-salt balance, it is useful to drink 250-500 ml of beer, and during the rest between za¬hodami the steam room and after a bath - tea, juice, water mi¬neralnuyu.

Hydrotherapy means health recovery

Hydrotherapy helps regulate kro¬vosnabzheniya tissues and accelerate them okis¬litelno-reduction processes, vy¬vedeniyu excreted metabolites likvida¬tsii stagnation and mikrotravmatiche¬skih injuries in the locomotor ap¬parate.

The most common water protsedu¬roy is normal rain shower koto¬ry you take after each trenirov¬ki for hygienic purposes. Depending on the temperature of the water can be cold shower (15-20 °), cool (20-30 °), indifferent¬nym (31-36 °), warm (37-38 °) or hot (over 38 °).

After HFA usually used kratkovre¬menny (0.5-2.0 minutes) or cold gorya¬chy shower that refreshes and several voz¬buzhdaet. After a workout or in the evening - tep¬ly shower, soothing. Some slucha¬yah can use douches -kombinirovanie hot and cold shower:

50-60 seconds, shower with water temperature 38-40 °, za¬tem 10-20 seconds - with a temperature of 10-20 °, cheredo¬vat 5-8 times. Douches also neskol¬ko refreshing and exciting.

It is widely used for a variety of baths vosstanovle¬niya performance. The duration of the common bath - 10-20 mi¬nut. The water can be fresh or contain any additives: salt, alkaline or aromatic (pine extract, etc.).

1. testosterone replacement therapy side effects Fresh (hygienic) Bath: tempe¬ratura water 36-37 °, duration of 10-20 minutes. It can be used after workouts, during the sauna. After such a bath to shower rekomen¬duetsya temperature 33-35 ° te¬chenie in 1-2 minutes.

2. Hot or hyperthermic bath. It may be common, sedentary or foot. The water temperature is from 39 to 43 °, prodolzhitel¬nost - 5-7 minutes. Used to vossta¬novleniya the musculoskeletal ap¬parata with "oppression" of muscles, pain in the muscles of the legs, to prevent injuries and pere¬gruzok. For this bath, according to the doctor's instructions, you can use various medicinal supplements. Sitz baths are used with the aim of profi¬lakticheskoy. Foot baths rekomen¬duyut mainly those who perform high jump or running load. For example, after a long run in the leg muscles may occur pain. The muscles at the same time up-lotneny, "clogged" and painful, bad ras¬slablyayutsya.

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